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Giftek Ltd.
A New
Social Enterprise
Bridging the


One Free Laptop

At a Time.

Our Mission: We provide Totally-Free Laptops to deserving

low-income families and individuals.


How it Works: You, Your Organization (or):




You: Gift (recycle) your used Laptops through us.

We: Repair, Recondition, Upgrade, Update, and

Sell or Give-Away (Award) Laptops we receive!


“When We Sell 3, we “GIFT” one FREE!”


Deserving Low-Income Famlies and Individuals

Will Receive a Fully-Functioning Laptop – Totally FREE!


Giftek Ltd.

A New Social Enterprise:

We Provide Free Laptops for the

“Digitally Disadvantaged.”


Gift Your Laptops    


Request Free Laptop



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